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About AEGIS Power Systems

Aegis power systems custom power supply manufacturing facility.

        AEGIS Power Systems has been designing and building reliable and efficient custom power supplies since 1995. We offer a complete line of switch mode power supplies and power converters for our customers. AEGIS manufactures standard power supplies, custom power supplies, and special application power supplies for use in a variety of applications in many markets including military power supply applications.

        AEGIS can build units with unusual specifications and high complexity. We have experience building reliable power supplies for military and industrial use.  AEGIS understands the value of technical accuracy in mission-critical situations. Our power supplies are built for long life and many are or can be ruggedized in design to meet portions of many military power supply environmental specifications. Fall scene at aegis power systems custom power supply manufacturing facility.

AEGIS Power Systems is an American power supply company with all manufacturing done in the USA.

Key Facts about AEGIS:

Founded: 1995.

Location: AEGIS Power Systems, Inc. is located in the beautiful and peaceful mountains of Western North Carolina.
                   We are just a two hour scenic drive from Atlanta, Ga; Chattanooga, TN; Knoxville, TN; or Asheville, NC.

Map: Directions to AEGIS Power Systems.

Business: Government Certified, IPC Certified, Veteran Owned, Small Business.

Address: PO Box 429, 805 Greenlawn Road, Murphy, North Carolina, 28906-0429.

Email: aegis power systems sales information form for custom power supplies.


      Custom and Standard switch mode power supplies and switching power converters that include power factor correction, DC-DC power converters, AC-DC power supplies, DC Input to DC output power supply cards, open frame power supplies, 19" rack mount power supplies, rack mount pluggable slide in cards and power modules, fan cooled power supplies, conduction cooled power supplies, convection cooled power supplies, liquid cooled power supplies, ac input and dc input power supplies, robust and rugged power supplies, and a host of other customer specified custom power converters and custom power supplies for DC output power applications.

        AEGIS Standard Power Supply product lines feature VME power cards, electric vehicle power converters, and Mil-COTS military power supplies. AEGIS builds DC output power converters and DC output power supplies that include high voltage to low voltage dc power converters for electric vehicles including cars, utility trucks, rapid transit buses, and military vehicle applications. Our VME power supply and VME dc power converter cards are available for industrial control, Eurobus power supply requirements, universal VME electronic equipment racks, and other VME power applications. The rugged and robust Mil-COTS military standard product line has been installed in military power supply applications such as electric vehicles, ground command systems, shipboard electronics and communications, aircraft electronics, submarine electronics, telecom, satcom, perimeter defense, radar, sonar, communications, missile, video decipher, command centers, satellite communications, and many other military and industrial power supply applications.

      AEGIS Custom Power Supply products can be customized and built to customer specifications and requirements for such applications as railway power supplies, industrial control, data processing, shipboard, aircraft, and military ground equipment applications. Our power supplies are found in unmanned deep water research submarine camera power supplies and other submarine equipment power converters, main frame institution computers, heavy industrial equipment and other utility machinery, automobile analyzer test equipment, industrial plant control systems, ground communications, telecommunications, and many other robust or rugged power supply or power converter applications.

        AEGIS Special Applications Power Supply products are built fully custom from the ground up. These are built when customers need very specific performance factors that are not generally found in standard power supply offerings. AEGIS works closely with it's customers to meet input and output specifications, voltage and current requirements, redundancy, efficiency, military specifications, UL or FCC regulations, and environmental factors. AEGIS builds special application power supplies that are technically accurate, reliable, efficient, and rugged.


Aegis Power System aircraft power supply application photo.

Aegis Power Systems defense power supply application photo.

Aegis Power Systems electric vehicle power supply application photo.
Electric Vehicle

Aegis Power Systems industrial power supply application photo.

Aegis Power Systems rack mount power supply application photo.
Rack Mount

Aegis Power Systems mil-cots military power supply application photo.
Aegis Power Systems shipboard power supply and ship power supply application photo.
Aegis Power Systems special application power supply photo.
Aegis Power Systems vme power supply application photo.
(DC to DC)
Aegis Power Systems vme power supply companion ac-dc power supply module application photo.
VME Companion
(115Vac to +28Vdc)

      Customers include Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the telecommunications (telecom & satcom), industrial, commercial, and automotive markets as well as defense contractors, U.S. government agencies, and the United States military services including the Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force. We also have international customers for the Mil-Cots Military, VME, defense, telecommunications, electric vehicle, aircraft, shipboard, railroad, test equipment, computer, electronic data processing, satellite communications, ground communications, radar, weapons, night vision, industrial equipment, portable power supply and other standard dc power supply and custom power supply applications.

Power Supplies to Meet Any Need:
 aegis power systems inhouse power supply assembly photo
     aegis-bullet-20  DC to DC (dc-dc power supply converters) and AC to DC (ac-dc power supplies).
     aegis-bullet-20  Auto-ranging ac input, Vdc input, PFC, single and 3-phase "∆" and "Y" input versions.
     aegis-bullet-20  50W-6KW total power supply output with greater power available (120KW max request to date).
     aegis-bullet-20  Multiple output custom power supplies (maximum request to date is 20).
     aegis-bullet-20  Customizable switch mode DC power supply systems and power supply converters.
     aegis-bullet-20  Low cost, quick turn around, rugged and robust high density and high efficiency power supplies.

      Aegis power supplies and power converters are manufactured to the J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 Class 2 standardization using highly trained personnel in our 10,000 square foot ISO 9001 registered facilities. Under our Quality Control System AEGIS teaches and strives for a class 3 build quality to ensure a class 2 product to our customers. As a result, our power supply products are quickly available and of consistent high quality.

Product Reliability and Quality Control:
      All products under go 100% visual quality inspection at intervals during their construction and undergo a final inspection prior to shipping. Final power supply testing is performed by manual and/or automatic computer controlled test stations to verify that all functional specifications are met. After testing, all power supply products receive elevated temperature burn in at specified loading (50-100%) for a specified amount of time (4-48 hrs), and again receive functional testing after the burn in period.

Aegis power systems power supply quality inspection scope.

Knowledgeable Technical Support:
      When contacting AEGIS Power Systems you will be communicating with AEGIS employees who are competent and experienced technical support personnel and project engineers that know all aspects of the AEGIS power supply product lines. It is our business to understand the power supplies we sell and to answer intelligently the questions of our customers quickly and thoroughly concerning all aspects of our power supply products.  Our intense level of support starts the moment of "First Contact" and continues through the "Lifetime" of the power supply product.

AEGIS Power Systems RoHS Commitment:
      The environmental concerns and the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) in the electronic world is slowly becoming mandated worldwide. AEGIS Power Systems supports compliant solutions to protecting the environment and serving our customers effectively.  As an ISO 9001:2008 registered company, we have taken a conscious approach to environmental responsibility within our facility and our power supply products, which include control of business, design, and the power supply manufacturing processes.

       We have made a commitment to comply with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to the restriction of lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd) hexavalent chromium (Cr+6), polybrominated biphenyls (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyls (PBDE) as required by the European Union (EU) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directives. The RoHS Directive allows exemptions when adequate substitutes cannot be found and allows an exemption of lead in the product identified as RoHS-5/6 or RoHS-5. Power supply products free of all six restricted substances are identified as RoHS-6/6 or RoHS-6.

       There has been uneasiness in the electronic community concerning the effects of RoHS compliancy such as tin whiskers and mixing of leaded and unleaded components. AEGIS is monitoring these concerns and will respond sensibly as the industry becomes more knowledgeable to its implications.

AEGIS Power Systems, designing and manufacturing quality rugged and reliable custom power supplies since 1995.