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Aegis Power Systems Celebrates 20 Years of Business

20 Anniversary new logo 314Aegis Power Systems Celebrates 20 Years of Business

This April, Aegis Power Systems celebrates 20 years of excellence in the design and manufacturing of custom power supplies.

Aegis Power Systems was founded in 1995 by Bill Dockery to meet the ongoing power supply needs of the defense, aircraft, telecommunication, VME, and industrial markets. Upon first establishment, Aegis Power Systems began as a Vicor Integrated Architect, creating custom power solutions for various patrons worldwide. Dockery states, "We are proud to continue our record as a leading manufacturer of innovative AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies."

CEO and Founder Bill Dockery has extensive education and career experience in locations including Silicon Valley, CA; Germany; Charlotte, NC; and Boulder, CO. Dockery holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from UNC Charlotte. He is a distinguished "Life Senior Member" of IEEE and registered Professional Engineer, amongst many other accolades.

Awards and Certifications
Throughout the years, Aegis Power Systems has received many awards including Northrop Grumman's "Suppliers Excellence Award ", "Reliability in Quality" award from the US Navy, and the "Outstanding Support Award" from Harris Corporation. Aegis Power Systems is ISO 9001:2008 certified, veteran-owned, and a member of the IPC electronics association.

Moving Forward
We attribute this 20 year milestone success marker to its dedicated employees and valued customers. The company looks forward to continuing to support these clients and more in the coming years. Thank you!
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