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Rapid Response

Rapid Response Power Supply

Rapid Response for Power Supply Orders

In our latest video showcasing our engineering department, we make mention of our abilities to provide a rapid response to customers. How can we respond so quickly to fulfill detailed power supply orders? Here are the key features that make the Aegis Power Systems process so efficient:


1. In-House Staff

As much as possible, Aegis Power Systems uses only in-house staff in all aspects of the manufacture of our goods. Everything from promotion and sales, design and validation, to production and shipping is all done in our 10,000 sq foot facilities in the southern Appalachian mountains.


2. Communication

Because our staff are all housed in one facility, communication between team members is fast and efficient. The lack of delays between departmental transfer means projects are not placed on hold for transit or processing. As soon as a design is approved and verified, production begins immediately or according to customer schedule. Aegis Power Systems aims to meet customer expectations as quickly as possible.


3. Systemization

Every aspect of Aegis Power Systems' products is thoughtfully planned before an order ever arrives. Our systemized process to record data, methods, communication, and validation provides reliable and methodical organization. This allows us to achieve quick results and transfer projects easily between departments.

Are you working on a project that needs a custom power supply part with high reliability and quick turnaround? Submit a quote today to find out what we can do for you!