Power Supply


  • AC 85-264 VAC wide-input range.
  • 2,000w 28VDC single channel power supply.
  • 10% bonus power (2,200w) for up to 5 min.
  • Ruggedized & waterproof (IP 65 / 67).
  • Extreme operating temps -40◦C to +60◦C.
  • 100% convection cooling, no external or internal fans required
Product Description

AP14G02K0282 is an AC-DC power supply & battery charger with 2kW power and nominal output of 28 VDC / 72 Amp. This rugged PSU offers reliable construction and electronics best suited for harsh environments. Waterproof housing, high performance and superb reliability make the AP14G02K0282 the ideal DC power source for use in vehicles, naval, open-air applications and many others. This unit provides users with 85/88% efficiency, rugged performance, and high power output.

* Designed to meet applicable portions of the standard. Contact us for more details.

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