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What Are Mil-COTS Power Supplies?

What Are Mil-COTS Power Supplies?


Mil-COTS products are items for use by the military that are "commercial off the shelf" (COTS). Simply put, that means Mil-COTS items are available quickly and conveniently from vendors and meet some or all military requirements.

Aegis Power Systems has a long history of providing Mil-COTS power supply units for defense needs. We supply Mil-COTS power systems for DC-DC and AC-DC  for a wide variety of defense applications. The Aegis Power Systems' team has a robust understanding of the power conversion needs for aircraft, shipboard, unmanned vehicles, telecommunications, and many other rugged applications for use in harsh environments.

Knowing when a Mil-COTS product is suitable for a project is part of the expert knowledge we provide to customers. Many of our products can be customized for a COTS solution. This includes compliance with a variety of relevant military standards such as requirements for EMI, resistance, leakage, temperature, dielectric withstand, and others. Additionally, special coatings, packaging, and shock or vibration standards may need to be in place as part of the overall security and uniformity of the system. We can design power supplies to meet portions of Mil-Std-810F, Mil-Std-461F, Mil-Std-704F, Mil-Std-1399, FCC Class A EMI, and others. 

Watch the video about our engineering department to learn more about the detailed process we use to ensure all customer requirements are met.

Contact our engineers with a quote request to find out how Aegis Power Systems can meet your Mil-COTS power supply need for your next defense project.