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    Power Supplies and Converters

    AC-DC and DC-DC systems are the top requested product at Aegis Power Systems. Our highly reliable power supply units have been used in a wide array of special applications including industrial warehouses, telecommunications, mobile field equipment, military and defense systems, aircraft, unmanned vehicles, shipboards, mobile satellite communications, radar equipment, and more.

    Custom power supplies are our specialty!

    We can design and manufacture the best power supply solution to meet each customer's exacting specifications. Our in-house design engineers work closely with each customer to ensure the highest quality solution and timely shipment for each project.

    Custom Power Supply Options
    For our custom power supplies, customers can choose from a variety of features including:
      • Single or Multiple Output
    • Pluggable and Hot Swappable Designs
    • I2C Bus With Ethernet Communication for Remote Monitoring
    • Enclosed or Open Frame
    • Ruggedness for Harsh Environments
    • Non-Standard Input Voltages (i.e. 600VDC)
    • Cooling Options -- Liquid, Forced Air, Cold Plate
    • Battery Charging and Battery Backup
    • DC/AC Inverter
    • Military Shock and Vibration
    • Military EMI
    • Extreme Environment (i.e. -40°C to +85°C typical)
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  • MD2901 - A Highly Configurable 48V Power Supply

    48Vdc Input48V Power Supply MD2901
    Multiple DC Outputs, 1400W Max Total

    Market: Industrial

                 industrial power supply s

    Application: Electronic Equipment Rack

    Product Highlights
    Parameter Rating Unit Notes
    Vin max rating 43 to 53 Vdc
    Temperature Range -40 to +75 Celcius
    Output Power 1400 Watts
    Input Power 1608 Watts
    +15Vdc Output 1000 Watts (10) +15Vdc outputs @ 100W
    +24Vdc Output 200 Watts (2) +24Vdc outputs @ 100W
    +12Vdc Output 200 Watts (2) +12Vdc outputs @ 100W
    The MD2901 is a highly configurable power supply unit that can be utilized in a variety of electronic equipment rack applications. This standalone DC-DC power converter has a 48Vdc input and multiple DC outputs, with option to enable or disable each individual output. Alternate configurations of DC outputs are available upon request.

    Additional features of the MD2901 power supply include:
    • internal fans with integrated heatsink
    • input power monitor with LED indicators
    • connectors can be uniquely keyed to avoid misconnection
    • temperature range of –40 to +75 °C
    • short circuit protected with automatic recovery

    MD2901 Spec Sheet
    For complete specifications please download the PDF spec sheet.

    Interested in the MD2901 to complete your need for power conversion? We have an available stock of this product to meet your deadlines quickly. Get a quote now! 

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