AS9100D Power Electronics Manufacturer, Now Certified

Power Supply Manufacturer - AS9100

Aegis Power Systems, Inc. is proud to announce our latest achievement in our dedication to quality — the award of the AS9100D:2016 certification. The AS9100D standard is a quality measurement process geared towards the aerospace industry. Customers developing aircraft and defense solutions have begun requiring this certification more and more. Our team responded with implementation starting last year, adding further improvement beyond our long-standing commitment to the ISO9001 certification.

The AS9100D:2016 standard places a deep focus on accountability and risk management. These requirements help ensure the reduction of counterfeit parts and assembly errors, as well as improve management oversight, supply chain effectiveness, customer support, and industry interoperability. The emphasis on accountability also aims to produce more safety protocols for employees and end-users, adding to the wellness of the society at large.

“Ultimately, the team at Aegis wanted to achieve AS9100D:2016 certification to not only meet our customer demands, but to aid in our decision-making process,” states CEO Arlissa Vaughn. “Our dedication to product safety and reliability, customer satisfaction, and continual quality improvement form the core of our business values.” The AS9100D certification is an extension of that commitment as we continue to develop winning power electronics solutions for the defense and aerospace industries.