Embedded Computing

Embedded Computing

Aegis Power Systems, Inc. develops power supplies for a wide array of applications, including embedded technologies using microprocessors and microcontrollers. Our VPX and VME power cards meet the ANSI/VITA standards for connectors, voltages, mechanical, and general interface. We also produce power supplies for Compact PCI industrial computers. Additionally, many of our power supply units are designed to meet applicable rugged military and harsh environment requirements.
Embedded systems using the PCI, VPX, or VME backplanes will benefit from the high efficiency, low weight, and high power output of our power supplies. We aim to meet increasing industry trends for SWaP optimization (compact size, low weight, and low power consumption.)
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Aegis Power Systems, Inc. is a Proud USA Manufacturer of Commercial Off-The-Shelf Products (COTS).

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