Aircraft Power Supplies and Converters

Military Aircraft Our aircraft power supplies include single phase or three phase AC-DC and DC-DC power converters for use in commercial and military systems. The Aegis Power Systems engineering team is very familiar with the required specifications for a variety of standards including Mil-Std-810F, Mil-Std-461F, Mil-Std-704F, Mil-Std-1399, FCC Class A, and others. We are AS9100D:2016 certified for aerospace process control standards.

Aircraft control systems, weapons, radars, jammers and detectors, data processors, unmanned control, auxiliary power, and reconnaissance operations are just a few of the typical applications for our power supplies. Standard COTS and custom designs are also available.

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Aegis Power Systems, Inc. is a Proud USA Manufacturer of Commercial Off-The-Shelf Products (COTS).

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