Testing and Safety

Power Supply Testing

At Aegis Power Systems we test each and every power supply unit for a variety of standard and custom operational abilities. Our testing is done per ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100D:2016 standards.

Learn more about our testing procedures in this video:

In order to ensure accuracy on the field, we push our units to their maximum capacity during testing. We 100% test every unit, we 100% burn-in every unit.

Test Equipment and Procedures

Our auto-testers check for a variety of commonly required specifications, including:
  • functionality
  • input power checks
  • power analysis
  • harmonic distortion
  • acceptance
  • start-up time
  • current
  • line and load regulation
  • output ripple
  • low line voltage
  • high line voltage
  • other customer specified testing
In addition, we offer the following in-house tests for ruggedness, reliability, and standards compliance
  • EMI
  • elevated temperature burn-in
  • humidity
  • thermal
  • dielectric withstand
  • insulation resistance

Once testing is complete, a data sheet is recorded and supplied for customer benefit. This outlines all tested specifications along with results, providing a transparent exchange of information between our technicians and customer engineers.
We are 100% confident in all products that leave our facilities for installation in customer applications
For further questions regarding Aegis Power Systems testing and safety standards, please contact us.


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