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  • VME550

    VME Power Converter
    This filtered 28Vdc VME power card with four outputs at 550W maximum power and offers... More details >>


    Mil-Std, Conduction, Telecom, 3.3Vdc, Multiple, 6U, Military, 28Vdc, 5Vdc, 500-1,000W, DC-DC, Aircraft, VME, DC LOW VOLTAGE, Embedded Technology, 12Vdc, Industrial, 15Vdc, Ship, Other,

    Power Converter Card


    • VME DC‐DC Power Converter Card
    • 28Vdc Input, 1‐6 Outputs
    • 550W Max Combined Output
    • 28Vdc per MIL‐STD‐704A‐F * and MIL‐STD‐1275A/B/D *
    • MIL‐STD‐810F Environmental *
    • MIL‐STD‐461E EMI *
    • Single Slot VME Power Card
    • CE Marked (Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC)

    , VME550-001, VME550-003, VME550-004, VME550-006, VME550-007, VME550-008, VME550-009, +12Vdc 28A 336W, +12Vdc 45.8A 550W, +3.3Vdc 33.9A 112W, +5Vdc 22.4A 112W, +5Vdc 44.8A 224W, +12Vdc 37.3A 448W, +3.3Vdc 33.9A 122W, +3.3Vdc 67.8A 224W, +5Vdc 22.4A 112W, +5Vdc 44.8A 224W, +5Vdc 89.6A 448W, +12Vdc 18.6A 224W, +12Vdc 18.7A 224W, +12Vdc 9.3A 112W, +15Vdc 18.7A 112W, -12Vdc 9.3A 112W, +19Vdc 5.9A 112W, +3.3Vdc 33.9A 112W, 9.3A 112W (always on), 550W @ 85°C, Aegis Power Systems, Inc, Aegis Power Systems, Inc

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