5 Fun Tools for Learning Engineering

Engineering Tools

In celebration of Engineers Week, we put together a list of five fun (and free!) tools for learning engineering. Engineers develop useful and innovative solutions for many of today’s needs. The fields of engineering are varied, but encouraging curiosity and creativity shape tomorrow’s leaders in many areas of application.

Students from ages pre-K to grade 12 can enjoy these edutainment style engineering games and activities:

1. National Geographic Robotics Challenge Game

Recommended age: middle and high school students

This game allows students to creatively develop several types of robots to solve world-wide challenges in agriculture, environment, and mining. Presenting education in the form of an exciting entertainment challenge puts this application as our number one pick. Also includes an educator guide for classroom use.

2. Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits

Recommended age: elementary students

Learning is fun as the “Blobz” guide young students through basic concepts in electric circuits. This simple interactive slideshow guide is aimed at children ages 7-11 years old. Can be used for at-home or in-class studying.

3. Young Engineers Classes & Camps

Recommended age: programs segment by age, starting at preschool

This exciting education franchise offers children’s classes and camps promoting engineering. Using LEGOs as the primary tool, children are guided in principles and practices of mechanical and electrical engineering, product development, physics, and more. There are many locations worldwide.

4. A World in Motion – Fuel Cell Program

Recommended age: middle school students

Through the guise of designing a toy, students learn how to build a small alternative energy fuel cell vehicle. This fun technology challenge engages skills in physical science, math, and engineering. This is a full curriculum study program with 12 lessons between 45-90 minutes each.

5. Tech Xcite Learning – Bionic Arm Module

Recommended age: middle and high school students

In this guided study, learners gain confidence in understanding the usefulness of engineering for solving difficult problems. Each step-by-step lessons, students learn about basic circuits, hydraulics, bio-engineering, pneumatic systems, and some chemistry. Originally developed for use in 4H clubs, this program includes web videos, printable handouts, instructor guide, and an order form for a kit to complete the project.

There are many other interactive learning tools for promoting engineering. Share your favorites with us via social media!