VPX PIB Tool for 3U Power Supply Verification



  • Use with 3U VPX VITA 62 and SOSA aligned power cards, up to 1kW (AC or DC input)
  • Selectable geographical addressing, up to eight addresses
  • Test points for measuring input, output, and control signals
  • LED indicators for all outputs, VBAT, and status signals
Product Description

The is VPX3UBACKPLANE is a 3U VPX PIB (Power Interface Board) designed for testing of all VITA 62 3U Modular Power Supplies including those supplies aligned with SOSA Technical Standards.

It can be designed into a benchtop troubleshooting or test fixture allowing a convenient way to power and exercise all standard power supply functions. LED indicators, input control switches
and measurement test points make it easy to quickly verify proper operation of the PSC (power supply card). This verification tool can be used manually or designed into an automated test fixture and provides easy access to interface with the dual IPMI bus.

Additional Features:

  • User selectable power for LED indicators (external supply or from power card output)
  • Can be operated manually or designed into an automated test fixture
  • Toggle switches for INHIBIT, ENABLE, NED and NVMRO control signals
  • Configurable alignment pins for all input/output configurations
  • 16AWG solder connections for external output loads
* Designed to meet applicable portions of the standard. Contact us for more details.

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