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Power Supplies and Converters

Aegis Power Systems is a USA manufacturer of DC-DCsingle phase AC-DC, and three phase AC-DC power supplies for a variety of industrial applications including both high load and low load needs.

Our industrial switching power supply units can be used in VME racks, data centers, nuclear power systems, robotic and automated warehouse equipment, electric vehicle converters, and many other systems with specialized needs.

We build industrial power supplies that are highly reliable, efficient, and capable of meeting requirements for EMI, resistance, leakage, temperature, dielectric withstand, and others. Additionally, special coatings, packaging, and shock or vibration standards may be included as part of the overall security and uniformity of the system, per customer request.

Browse our full line of power supply products to find a solution for your application.

Looking for a specialty power supply? Customized power supplysolutions are our area of expertise!

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