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AEGIS Power Systems Awards and Credentials

aegis power systems suppliers excellence award from NGIS.Suppliers Excellence Award AEGIS Power Systems won the prestigious Northrop Grumman Annual "Suppliers Excellence Award 2012".

We were one of 26 vendors out of 6,000 to receive this honor. For more information on our award, please visit our blog article.

IPC Mike 2018     IPC Robby 2017
IPC and J-Std Certified Trainer
AEGIS Power Systems Quality Inspectors are trained to the IPC ANSI/J-STD-001 standard, the IPC-A-610 standard, and also receive ISO Auditor training.
Aegis Power Systems employee thru hole soldering certificate.     Aegis Power Systems employee surface mount soldering certificate.
IPC Trained Employees
AEGIS "Production Staff is Trained" to standards of the IPC ANSI/J-STD-001 (Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies) and to the IPC-A-610 (Acceptability of Workmanship to Electronic Assemblies).  

Employees inspect their own work using an inspection microscope as does the Quality Inspector at intervals during product production according to the build order.
Aegis Power Systems blue supplier award issued by Northrop Grumman.
Certified Blue Supplier
AEGIS Power Systems is Certified as a "Blue Supplier" for Northrop Grumman.  

This was awarded to AEGIS for commitment to quality and for consistently sending power supplies with on time delivery.
Aegis Power System's quality manager's lead free soldering instructor's certificate 
Instructor Lead Free Rework Certificates

AEGIS Power Systems has an in-house instructor "Certified to Teach" Lead-Free Rework.
ISO certificate 2015
ISO Quality Program Certification
AEGIS Power Systems is "Certified" to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard by Underwriter Labs DQS Inc.
ISO certificate 2015
ISO Quality Program Certification
AEGIS Power Systems is "Certified" to the AS9100:2016 Standard by Underwriter Labs DQS Inc.
Aegis Power Systems reliability in quality award
Reliability in Quality Award
The "Reliability in Quality" award was presented to Aegis Power Systems' President Bill Dockery for "Reliability, maintainability, and quality assurance" by the U.S. Navy.
aegis power systems outstanding service award.Outstanding Service and Dedication Award   An outstanding service award was presented to Aegis Power Systems by the Northrop Grumman Corp. for "Outstanding Service and Dedication" to the military command post platform project.
Aegis Power Systems most valued power supplier certificate.Most Valuable Supplier Award  Award was presented to AEGIS Power Systems by ManTech Test Systems for being the "Most Valued Supplier" to the military's Third Eschelon Test Systems program.

 This program was supported for over 10 years for the full duration of the program with "on time" deliveries, excellent customer support, and technical expertise.
aegis power systems outstanding service award issued by Harris Outstanding Technical Performance Award given to AEGIS Power Systems by the Harris Corporation for "Outstanding Technical and Schedule Performance" to the military Lightweight Multi-band Satellite Terminal program.
Aegis Power System's employee commendation letter from u.s. navyNavy Letter of Commendation A letter from the U.S. Department of the Navy commending one of our engineers for his "Outstanding support." "During the design, test and implementation of the 3rd Gen AIDE LRAS3, Mr. VanSteen demonstrated great professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication in providing outstanding custom power supplies (Aegis P/N E02801). Outstanding employees such as Mr. Matt VanSteen make it possible for the Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate to accomplish its mission. Please pass along the appreciation of this organization as well as my own personal gratitude for a job well done."

      AEGIS Power Systems has been given awards and recognition for outstanding customer service, on-time delivery, and outstanding technical performance. Many companies have placed their trust in AEGIS Power Systems; which has built a reputation for technical reliability, high efficiency, and adaptability for it's power supplies. From High-Altitude power supplies in the Earth's stratosphere to power supplies for underwater cameras in the deepest-reaching unmanned submarines; AEGIS can handle complex power supplies and has built robust power supplies that last and perform well in harsh environments.
     AEGIS offers Special Applications power supplies for customers in need of unusual power systems that have very specific demands not met in the general market. AEGIS also offers product lines of custom power supplies and standard power supplies. These AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC power converters reach a wide range of market applications. The standard line features the VME power supply family, liquid cooled electric vehicle power supplies, and the Mil-COTS power supply family for military systems designed for use in place of more expensive and long lead time custom military power supplies.
AEGIS Power Systems power supply market applications include:
Aircraft power supplies: radar power supplies for radar jamming, tracking, surveillance used on aircraft, unmanned aircraft, commercial aircraft, blimps, helicopters, drones, video surveillance equipment, data transmission, mine detection, aircraft reconnaissance, video deciphering, etc...
Defense power supplies: weapons power supply, missile defense, missile ground defense, video data deciphering, aircraft, ship, ground defense applications, etc...
Electric vehicle power supplies: utility vehicles, commercial bus, military vehicle, etc...
Industrial power supplies: industrial control systems, underwater vehicles, unmanned vehicles, commercial aircraft, etc...
Mil-COTS power supplies: robust built power supplies with the rugged military power supply application in mind.
Rack mount power supplies: 19" rack, specified sizes, military defense, video surveillance, optical sonar array, satellite field communications, fully encased or card slot, telecom, etc...
Ship power supplies: unmanned underwater vehicles, amphibious vehicles, ship command control, radar tracking, jamming, deciphering, shipboard communications equipment, etc...
Telecom power supplies: cell phone facility, field communications, telecommunications and satellite field communications, satcom up/down link, etc...
VME power supply cards: cell phone facility, field communications, telecommunications and satellite field communications, satcom up/down link, etc...
AEGIS Power Systems uses Vicor power converter modules or AEGIS SMPS Power Modules as its core foundation to provide high-efficiency and reliability. AEGIS emphasizes and trains its employees to build to IPC class 3 as much as possible with the quality inspection and build designed for class 2. All special application, standard product line, and custom power supplies are designed and manufactured in the USA by AEGIS Power Systems, Inc.