Manufacturing in America

Several core values have permeated the corporate culture of Aegis Power Systems since our establishment in 1995. These include an essential importance placed on social responsibility, quality products, customer satisfaction, and sustainability. These values have led our leadership to take distinct action to keep our manufacturing operations in America. Here’s why:

Social Responsibility

One of the foundational beliefs of our CEO and Founder, Bill Dockery, has been the fair and valued treatment of employees. Bill is consistently noted for his saying, “At the end of the day, 50% of the value of the company walks out the door” — implying the strong understanding that social responsibility is an inherent component of good business. Supporting employees and the community around us are a key to success.

Important considerations regarding wages, benefits, location of the company, and working hours have all been evaluated in perspective of this belief. For example, Bill chose the location of Murphy, NC as the site for Aegis Power Systems largely due to the conveniences of outdoor recreation and affordable housing — all contributing to the overall wellness and happiness of employees. He has also made intentional efforts to include employees in the decisions made regarding retirement packages and work schedules.

Valuing employees is a major component of why Aegis Power Systems will always remain a USA-based manufacturer. We have made a patriotic decision to support the community around us and the future of our children by keeping our operations in the USA. Jeff Martin, General Manager of Aegis Power Systems, puts it like this, “If our country quits manufacturing, we would be one generation away from losing our competitive edge.  We must strive to bring around new technologies so that we can maintain our elite position in an ever changing world.”

Quality Products

Not only are employees valued in our USA-based company, but keeping manufacturing on-shore also results in a higher quality product. According to Forbes magazine, workers in the USA are able to produce 10-12 times the output of a Chinese counterpart. This is primarily the result of substantial differences in infrastructure, education, and automated warehouse technology.

With our high caliber of employees, ISO certification, and J-STD training, the power supply products of Aegis Power Systems are top quality.

Another aspect of quality control is our commitment to use as many local and national vendors as possible. Due to the shrinking American manufacturing sector, this is not always possible, but it is a consideration we take in stride.

To ensure superior quality, we have stringent guidelines in place to circumvent any deficiencies in the supply chain. Paul Indelicato, Purchasing Manager at Aegis Power Systems, explains, “No printed wire boards are bought from offshore suppliers and we request material data sheets be kept on file with all of our manufacturing vendors.” Some of our consistently top performing vendors include Empire Electronics, BC Machining, and TTI.

As a producer of mil-COTS power supplies, we have many orders which demand an American manufacturer. Certain government restrictions limit the location of suppliers providing items for military service. We are proud to support the US military and defense sectors, as well as many other markets such as communications, electric vehicle, aircraft, VME, and industrial.

Customer Satisfaction

Keeping customers satisfied is one of the biggest objectives for any manufacturer. We firmly believe that maintaining USA-based operations is one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

Designing, testing, and assembling our power supplies in-house in our Murphy, NC facilities allows us to offer better lead times, rapid support, and improved customer communication. Customer satisfaction and the production of quality products are an integral part of the Aegis Power Systems’ operations. Watch a short video explanation of our process to find out more.


As we recently celebrated 20 years in business, Aegis Power Systems has a proven track record in sustainability. Using the ISO standards as guidelines, we have implemented processes to enable excellent communication, high production efficiency, safety of employees and facilities, and reduction of waste. These stringent business practices are good for our employees, customers, the environment, and our bottom line.

The quality of our products and our support customer service are part of what continue the longevity of our operations.

Looking Forward

Aegis Power Systems is a company built upon innovation, solid business practices, and respectable social responsibility. We endeavor to continue these standards well into the future as we continue to be a leading supplier of custom power supplies.

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