Going to Quad-A? Check out our MOSA power supply!

MOSA Power Supply at Quad A Army Summit

Are you attending the Army Aviation Association of America Summit (more easily known as “Quad-A”) in Nashville between April 26-28, 2023? If so, please be sure to stop by the Army’s PEO Aviation MOSA display at Booth #3014 to see a demo of several Modular Open Systems Approach hardware, including one of Aegis Power Systems’ VPX power cards. This MOSA power supply fits the VPX chassis and is aligned with the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSATM) for interoperability and plug-in power needs for defense modular systems such as electronic warfare, mission computing, signal processing, communications, and other C5ISR requirements. The PEO Aviation MOSA Demo will showcase how the Army is using MOSA designs to enhance reusability, reduce development schedules and bring common capabilities across the Army.

Get in touch to arrange a one-on-one meeting with one of our team members while at the show to learn more about how Aegis Power Systems can support your next MOSA or VPX project!