New eBook on Power Efficiency and Cooling Concerns in Embedded Systems

Efficiency and Cooling for Power Electronics in Embedded Computing

Special focus on SWaP Power Supplies

A top concern amongst many engineers in the defense industry is the demand for power efficiency and cooling in embedded systems. Tight size and design constraints require engineers to seek components with small size, light weight, and efficient power consumption (SWaP). Power electronics deemed worthy of the SWaP designation yield high power density in a compact design, allowing the freed space, weight, and power to be allocated to other portions of the unit.

Many of our returning clients are in the aerospace and defense industry and frequently face these concerns and constraints. We’ve created SWaP power supplies for a wide variety of applications for military use including embedded units for control systems, weapons and security operations, ground and air vehicles, mobile field units, and various communications systems.

Since a large portion of our units are built for defense contractors, we’ve recently partnered with Military & Aerospace Electronics publication to develop a short eBook to aid engineers in implementing the best power supply into their defense application design.

Read up on focused topics in embedded power when you download the “Power Efficiency and Cooling Concerns in Embedded Systems“. (Note, clicking the link will take you to the Military & Aerospace Electronics website to complete the download process.)