New VME Power Supplies for VMEbus Embedded Systems – SWaP Optimized, COTS

VME Power Converter

SWaP-Optimized VME Power Supplies with High Power Output

The SWaP-optimized VME650 and VME650A power supplies give VME bus application developers more power output while maintaining competitive pricing.

These VME power supply units offer a high power density in the 6U form factor with 650 watts output. The pluggable VME650 and VME650A have keyed connectors to allow keying options for multiple power supplies within a single VME bus chassis. The primary difference between the single-slot VME650 and the two-slot VME650A is the method of thermal management. The VME650 uses conduction cooling via wedgelocks, while the VME650A uses air cooling via a finned heatsink.

The VME650 and VME650A are drop-in replacements for our existing VME550 and VME 550A power cards.

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Front-End AC Power Supplies for VME Systems

For VMEbus applications with an AC power source, a front-end power supply will be needed to convert to +28Vdc required to use the VME650 or VME650A. Our 1PH AC-DC VME power cards support this function to provide a complete power conversion system for such devices.

Note: The power supplies in this chart are specifically designed to support the VME650 and VME650A. For other front-end modules, please see our complete list of single phase AC power supplies.