The Importance of Power Supplies for the Military

Military Aircraft Require Rugged Power Supplies

The Importance of Power Supplies for the Military

Power supplies (aka PSUs) are a vital component of electrical and electronic devices and systems. They convert the power provided from the source (e.g., generator or an outlet) into the right format and voltage for the given application. Additionally, certain variations (i.e., those with power regulation capabilities) regulate the converted power to ensure smooth and steady flow to the connected unit. 

While power supplies find use in nearly every industry, they are particularly essential within the military industry. Below, we highlight why power supplies are important for military applications and what types are available.

Why Does the Military Use Power Supplies? 

In the military sector, many types of equipment require a continuous and consistent source of electrical power. Examples include communication systems, surveillance systems, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), and weapon systems. In defense settings, these may be powered from the grid, locally available solar, generators, vehicle motors, or JP8 fuel.

Military-grade power supplies ensure equipment using the power source has the power conversion it needs to operate and perform as needed. The military requires high reliability, functional operation, and environmental duress during mission-critical operations. Military PSUs are designed for greater durability and reliability than standard power supplies since they are usually subjected to harsh operational and environmental conditions. 

Defense and Military Power Supplies and Converters From Aegis Power Systems

At Aegis Power Systems, Inc., we design and build off-the-shelf and custom AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies suitable for a range of demanding markets, including the defense industry. 

Our power supplies and converters for defense and military applications have found use in communications systems, weaponry, mobile field operation systems, aircraft and shipboard control systems, rack mount technology, perimeter security systems, and more. They include:

  • Single-Phase AC-DC Power Supplies. These power supplies are generally used for applications with output power requirements of 1,000 watts or less. However, they can be used to support output power requirements up to 2,500 watts in special circumstances. Various options for dimensions, mounting type, output voltage configuration, and other features are available.
  • 3-Phase AC-DC Power Supplies. These power supplies are also known as rectifiers. They are generally used for applications with output power requirements over 1,000 watts. Typical applications include aircraft equipment, onboard power for ground vehicles, command post electronics, data centers, shipboard electronics, and Class 3 or 4 unmanned aerial systems (UAS or UAV). 
  • DC-DC Power Supplies. These rugged power supplies can handle power outputs ranging from 200 watts to 24,000 kilowatts. They are commonly used in military equipment. Options for different dimensions, mounting styles, thermal management solutions, and output configurations are available.

Aegis Power Systems: The Expert Choice for Custom & Standard Power Supplies

Power supplies are highly important to the military industry. By converting and regulating power, they ensure military equipment has the proper power, voltage, current, and efficiency it needs for short-term and long-term operation. 

Looking for quality power supplies for military applications? Aegis Power Systems is the ideal partner! Our experts can deliver a solution that fully meets your power needs, whether you require an off-the-shelf, modified, and custom product. To learn more about our military power supply solutions, contact us today. To discuss your requirements with one of our team members, request a quote.