Product Change Notifications

Our goal at Aegis Power Systems is to support our product throughout life cycle, including parts obsolescence management and product optimization. From time to time, there may be engineering changes or retirement of legacy products. Where available, we recommend customers transition to the suggested replacement for each EOL product as soon as possible.

Current Product Change and/or End of Life Notices:

Part Number End of Life  Last Time Buy* Replacement Part Number
VME225-014 11/30/2021 11/30/2021 VME320-002-001
VME225-103 11/30/2021 11/30/2021 VME320-005-001
VME225-205 11/30/2021 11/30/2021 VME320-005-001
VME400-001 11/30/2021 11/30/2021 VME740-001
VPX2703UC 08/08/2023 Not available VPX2703UC500 (closest match)
INA801 08/08/2023 Not available Not available

*Last Time Buy date is only feasible until supplies run out, please contact us to confirm availability. RMA support may remain available for some products, please submit contact form to inquire or call 828-837-4029 x118.

Previous Product Change and/or End of Life Notices, NOW VOIDED:

The following products were previously indicated as being End of Life, but we have been able to secure active replacement components to allow the continued production of these units. You may continue to purchase these products as before:

Part Number Date Product Brought Back to Life
DS2701A 03/25/2022
GTA901 03/25/2022
HY2707-3 03/25/2022
HY2707-4 03/25/2022
HY2707-5 03/25/2022
LBA801 03/25/2022
VME225-007 03/25/2022
VME225-015 03/25/2022
VME450-01 03/25/2022
VME450-011 03/25/2022
VME450-014 03/25/2022
VME450-015 03/25/2022
VME450A-03-103 03/25/2022
VME450A-04-103 03/25/2022
VME450G-01 03/25/2022
VME450GA-04-103 03/25/2022
VME550-001 03/25/2022
VME550-004-001 03/25/2022
VME550-008-009 03/25/2022
VME550-009-009 03/25/2022
VME550A-001-008 03/25/2022




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